My life, my right


Who are you to decide who is superior?

Who are you to say I am inferior?

Peel away the skin and we are merely skeletons

But you wear a mask to hide the comparison

As if embarrassed of who you are

So here you are trying to blend with the stars

But you are no star;

I am no star

I am human.

I am constructed by bones, like you

Formed out of opinions, standings, and oppositions

With many likes and dislikes

Ones that do not match yours

But who are you to say mine are wrong?

Who are you to say yours are right?

Who are you to decide my future?

You wear the title ‘Miss’ ‘Mrs.’ Or ‘Mr.’

Not ‘fate’ or even ‘God’

So don’t try to play as He in my life

Deciding my rights

My life

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