My Life, My Mom, I am, My Food

Mama is a Daylight (Inspired by Evelyn Tooley Hunt, by: James Crawford)

When she slips into the room,

She shocks us

Like and electrical power line,

And we wake up amazed.

She rolls a shock even through Granny’s eyes,

And lightens all darkness.

When she yells warm-hearted in the room,

She energizes us

Like monster drinks and a 5year old,

And we jump up delighted.

Even when it’s time for lights out, Mama is sunrise.

That promises tomorrow and tomorrow!


My Heart Is (Inspired by: E.E. Cummings “My Mind Is”, by: James Crawford)

My heart is

A big hunk of unchangeable shapes which touch and

Taste and smell and hearing and sight keep staring and

Glaring on sharp, beautiful women

In a depressed and lonesome of sensual carves I create fidgets of

Chrome and execute strides of sapphire, I

Feel that cleverly am being left- out that I slightly am

Becoming something a little different, in fact


Hereupon helpless I total blue shrieks and scarlet





I am a teenager.

I am full of fun, full of life, and animated.

I run, I fight, I play, and I laugh about some serious things in life.

I know nothing of unsuccessfulness.

I hold grudges on people that do the most in the smallest things.


Off Campus Lunch

Aye, what’s for lunch? It’s Tuesday.

Doba, like always, its half price burrito Tuesday.

In the car it’s the same music,

Chance the Rapper, or some new person,

Saying all the same things, like,

Flamin' hots with Cheese and a kiwi Mistic”..

What? Who says that? Were you hungry?


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