My Life

I was born 4/20/1969 I made my mother moan as I slide right out of her meat pocket. She was the first women I would ever make moan. I lived a simple life besides my massive fucking peen. Then once when I was 8 me and this girl got curious and she became the second women I made moan, then once again I made another girl moan at age 12 and 13. I hit pubertey at age `14 and I was known at school as Pussy Slayer. Moans caused by me filled the bathrooms locker rooms and classrooms. Not one single female entered that highchool whose pussy wasn't slayed by yours truly. Even teachers couldnt escape the pussy slayer. Highschool was a good time but College was even better. I got my PhD in medicine and while there slayed hundreds of pussys (all while wearing a condom). I was hired by a local hospital and slayed multiple pussys there. I also met my wife there a young nurse and her pussy was like no others. I destroyed my pussy but my god that pussy destoryed me. From there on she was the only pussy I destroyed aand pussy I destroy to this day. I never used a condom with her because I knew she was the one. Also around this time I legally changed my name to PPussy Slayer 69 or Dr. Pussy Slayer 69. I married my wife and only destroy her pussy with my thicc lengthy penis and I am the only one she lets destroy her pussy. I retired last year and now happily live in a mansion with my 5 kids and my wife whos pussy I destroy every day. She didnt want anymore kids so I got snipped and now we have the best sex ever. Thats pretty much my life its been good so far. I hope you day and life go well for you reader. Sincerly- Dr Pussy Slayer 69 P.S its 9 inches ;)

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My family


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