Me in my community


"I stand in solidarity with undocumented community"


This was the message on one of the administrator's doors. I didn't know which administrator used that office but I knew all of the administrators and they were not Latino, not immigrant, not low-income and not the first in their family to go to college. I always wondered if they really knew what it was like to be an undocumented immigrant. I mean, how can one firmly stand with someone without knowing who they really are.

These administrators don't know the struggles of the undocumented immigrants in my community. I understand my community and will not allow them to be left in the shadows without a voice.

After balancing work and school, I work at a library teaching English to immigrant kids. Every Saturday morning, I help feed low-income families at my local soup kitchen and I do my best to attend every major meeting in my city's civic center to advocate for the progress of my community.

At school, I have been an Encuentros tutor where I helped many disadvantaged students set an early focus on college. As an AVID tutor, I have helped students determine what career they want to pursue and what schools are best for them. As a Student Ambassador, I work at a local continuation high school where I help students get back on track and help them in not just attending college, but succeeding in college. I have received recognition and awards along the way, but nothing compares to the joy I get when I hear that the students I have tutored are thriving in school. I hope to go to a top university and become a politician/businessman that can make a difference in my community.

As a first-generation college student and the oldest of a large-low income family, I understand what is like to struggle which is why I always do my best to support my people and if you ever had the chance to know me, you would know that I do it with love and not to put a sticker on my office door.

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