My life, 32 lines.


I saw, 

I saw only black in my future.

I felt,

I felt my purpose disappear.

I heard,

I heard my father cry.

Cry in the way where no son should hear.

I see,

I see my mothers eyes,

so hopeful in me.

to achieve the future she could not see.

I touched,

I touched the very fabric of my failure.

I heard,

I heard the helicopters flying.

The crack of a gun amplifying.

To know I will follow,

the glow in my mothers eyes fade.

From innocents to adolescence,

From angel to devil.

I will never forget,

I choose.

I see, 

I see the doors opening.

I feel,

I feel the light shining on me.

I hear, 

I hear my future calling.

I touch,

I touch the very road 

of my dream. 

I choose what happens to me.


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