My life

My life i always struggle like ill never see peace/ my soul is fucking dark my world is in a freeze/ different girl in my bed every fucking night/ suicidal thoughts on my fucking mind/ repent for all my sins and he will give me riches/ my life is falling apart and its seems i can not fix it/ yeah i pray to the lord but he never answers back/ maybe cuz im heartless and heart is fucking black/ i cant truely love a girl cuz my heart is fucking cold/ my life is going crazy man im loseing all control/ i gotta stay sane and hold my head high/ no matter if shit anit going good in my life/ you couldnt live my life or walk a min in my shoes/ u see it from the outside we both have different views/ the life that i lead it causes me stress/ fighting with myself like a niggaz playing chess/ my life is kinda dark with a little bit of grey/ always be the predator never be the prey/ my life hasnt always been so dark there use to be some light/ now just for a little comfort i gotta fucking fight/ i hear the devils whispers i see him in my sleep/ im praying up to god for my soul to keep/ my life is like a roller coaster it gots it ups and downs/ my life may keep me floating or just might make me drown/ take a look at my life tell me what u see/ do u see the pain cant u hear my screams/ i guess my life is my life and i gotta live it right/ turn the dark amd the grey back to some light/

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