Mon, 10/06/2014 - 16:44 -- D-ROCK

you told me that you wouldnt do this shit again,

what happened? 

you were supposed to be my friend.

i try to feel the pain for the shit that i'm endurin'

but its a game in my brain and i aint fuckin' scorin'.

you were always in and out and i never kept a record,

but when a woman knocked on the door to help, she handed you a letter.

life aint so easy when you look bact at it twice,

meths gotten you by the throat and that son of a bitch doesnt play nice.

my lifes like a circle and i cant find the radius,

listen to my life, i'll show you what the fuck crazy is

i'm spittin' and rippin this shit

while you be skippin' and trippin' on it.

i dont give a shit for where we at, 

we could be in jail and i would still fucking scrap

you lied to me mom,

you said that you would quit, 

i'm not stupid, i can tell when you have had a hit.

life aint a game, no restart,

i'ma eat these bitches, poptarts.

you try to tell me who i am and i'll take your scrawny ass and smash you like a pop can,

you try to put me on the same team as sam-i-am and tucan sam,

do me a favor, deal me a new fucking hand man.

writting raps helps when i'm depressed,

its better than talking because more shit gets addressed.

tick tock, i'll make your eyes criss cross,

tick tock, your time is up on the clock.

what kind of wasted air was that?

 dont even try to tell me that it was a rap.

mac millers got his donald trump shit,

i have four aces in my hand. jumped it!

the shit that you spit gets me snoorin'

wake me up when your not borin'

'm out of time i just kicked your ass,

take that wanna be rap and throw it in the trash.

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