My Life

Don't tell me how to live my life.

I don't want everything to turn into one big lie.

Leave me be, let me sleep, don't you know?

I need my rest. 

I'll tame my hunger, and start the day.

My morning can happen in any way.

Lets hope it all goes well, the day is important.

With any luck, I'll be fortunate, to do well and conquer the day.

Don't look at me with that cold, steel gaze.

I know my place.

It's my life, I'll live it how I like, and do what makes me happy.

I'll howl to the moon in the middle of the night, pick a couple of fights.

On the day I die, I'll have no regrets to look back on.

Only great memories and adventures to repeat in my mind.

So you live too, be happy, won't you?



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