My Letter To The World

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 21:37 -- Eljon


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This is my letter to the world...

People don't tend to comprehend the rage contained

Inside me, how people use their words to bind me

I just want to explode out of my zone so people can

See and understand how I can express me yet

They think that they can place me beneath thee

Just to see how I react, I try to think back to everything

I did and said, one moment you're living your life

Next thing you feel like you're dead yet you want to control

Yourself but things happen to knock at your head,

Listen to what I said, these words of pain is like a bullet

Full of deadly lead that's targeted at your chest

Once the trigger is pulled, you're completely at rest

Your soul released from the stress will keep your mind calm

At its best, eventhough anger ccan leave you in a blinding rage

To the point where you want to engage yourself in violence

Causing a riot, but all I ask for is peace and to be silent

I may as well isolate myself while my rage remains in a cage

Preventing to ignite itself and grab my self that was laying

On my shelf...


Eljon Williams Jr.

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