My Last Game


United States
34° 7' 2.0496" N, 118° 1' 28.0704" W

This could be the last time I hear the squeaky shoes,
the radiant reds and the beautiful blues.

The last time I hear the crowds yell when I score,
hearing them ask for more and more.

The last time I feel the burn of the wood when I fall,
the shame and sadness of losing the ball.

The last time I feel the adrenaline rush of the last two minutes of the game,
whether I walk away with unhappiness or fame.

But no. I could experience these things once again,
the championship game was not over the score was tied at 110.

All i Have to do is make this easy shot,
I feel as responsible as a princess from Camelot.

So I go with the crossover and burn the first player,
I know if I make this I'll be knows as Marian the Opponent Slayer.

So I bent my knees and pulled my arms back,
and I plotted in my head the ball's track.

And it was off, there was nothing stopping it now,
I knew it was going in, I was even about to take a bow.

Swish, it went in we won the game,
nothing I loved would be gone, everything would be the same.



Ball is life and life is ball.

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