My Language


United States
38° 33' 26.3628" N, 90° 32' 6.8496" W

Most say I’m quiet.
Shy even.

the thoughts and feelings
thriving in my head
just can’t be put into words.
Nor any other distinct form of speech.

My inner spirit
can only be exposed by the
One form of communication that
Every being on this planet can
really understand:

The language of music.

They say I hide my true feelings,
behind my unrevealing face.
For when I feel frustration,
I just bottle them to my core.

When I feel the heat and
Pressure build
behind his false façade,
All I have to do is wrap my arms around you,
and uncork everything inside.
Letting every emotion spill over
and soak the air in a thick layer
of my deep Emotions.

Sometimes it feels like forever,
Before I can let you go again.
You are the only one who understands me.
The one who keeps my secrets,
My fears
My dreams
And releases them as your dulcet,
Harmonious song.

Available for everyone else to hear.

As my fingers dance up
and down your neck,
Your melodic vocals weaken me.
You know just what to say,
As if you were the one playing me…

You are the one
clutching me
around my shoulders, and
Taking in all of my
my Pain.
Conducting this minor solo,
Into a beautiful chorinho.

Thank you,
My friend.
My love.

My guitar.


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