My Ladies of All Sizes

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 19:50 -- Bri E

My ladies when did we decide to let society dictate our size? When did we decide to let people tell us what “beautiful” is? Beauty is not what we look like on the outside but it is what is inside of us. Beauty is something no one can tell us about because it runs so deeply in our veins. It courses through our body and makes us shine with confidence. We all come in different shapes and sizes. We ourselves mold what is beautiful. Commercials and magazines try and tell us that in order to be beautiful we have to be a certain size. They show us models that are sizes that are impossible for any of us to reach. They try and sell that we can become those models. We as women, as young ladies, as little girls have to band together. We have to show that beauty is what you make it. Beauty has nothing to do with dressing up, or applying endless amounts of make-up. Beauty has nothing to do with changing who you are. Beauty is everything you see about yourself and everything you don’t. Beauty is about loving yourself and all of your flaws. Beauty IS confidence…Beauty IS love…Beauty IS respect for our ladies…Beauty IS power.


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