My Kinks


I still have a few kinks to work.
Yeah, kinks....
You know
Those tiny things about us that just don't seem to be right
There's my hair, my skin
And don't get me started on my body type
There are so many things that are
A kink - a flaw hindering the process of a successful operation
But wait...
I'm not an operation am I?
I am not one to be used as a poster-child for society’s expectation on life
I am not  that size 2 you were hoping for either
Maybe my kinks aren’t what you’d want to see in a person
But India said it best
I am the soul that lives within
I am a mustard seed growing purposely
And no matter how well you oil me up
I am not your machine
 I am
And Resilient
These kinks in my hair are not in my head
But are the pieces of the puzzle that makes me
Flawless as a diamond in the rust that starts a tiny grain full of purpose
Smooth as a pearl that shimmers between closed walls
Silent but present I stand
Full of prosperity and wisdom
Waiting for my silence to sing,
Sing like a melody with a minor turn of reality
The reality of my perfect imperfections
Hopeful I rise
Rising above the hurdles on this long narrow track
Sprinting with grasp of this God-given baton
Fighting to the finish line
The finish line of my flaws
Coming face to face with these stubborn kinks
Strong enough to break comb
Here I stand
My flaws and all
And all of it is me




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