My king 仍

I knew I wanted to married you

From when I first laid eyes on you

From the beginning

I knew you was my king sent from god

You didnt flash money

You didnt have on flashy clothes

You didnt have on flashy jewelry

You was just like me

Your regular old self

The moment I made a joke about your name

I knew you was the one for me

We held up the line

Just to put a smile on each other face

You asked me to move in without a doubt

You knew you wanted me

You showed up when I needed you the most

We went thru our up & downs

I had a hard way of expressing myself

I used to get frustrated trynna explain the pain I feel inside

Even when we broke up you made it your business to check on me

You would stay on the phone when I didnt feel safe

You was always a phone call away

It took me awhile to understand you

For a while I blame me for how you responded

But I didnt understand the trauma you went thru

I love you today

I love you more than yesterday

I love you more when you sad

I love you more when you feel at your lowest

You can always count on me

Because u was sent to me

I dont fully understand the meaning of this love

I never felt this way

I know its rare because when you away i suffer from your face

I just cant breathe without your touch

I need your soft touch at night to feel at peace

You bring me joy

I hope one day I can be your wife

I cant see life with no other

This poem is about: 
My family


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