My Kind Of Lifestyle

My Kind Of Lifestyle

When it’s a passion
it’s a lifestyle.
It’s what you know best.
It’s something you do every day -
and it never gets old.

Being able to communicate is powerful.
Being able to teach is fulfilling.
Being shown love is satisfying.

Being a teacher for the deaf,
but being hearing,
will be a challenge at first.
But in the end,
it’s most satisfying
when it’s most challenging.

The communication,
the community,
the lifestyle,
has always been interesting to me.

Learning their communication,
about their community,
about their lifestyle,
is more of a passion.

Helping with their communication,
around their community,
with their lifestyle,
is a job I want to do.

With respect,
and knowing their is no indifference,
I want to be a teacher for the deaf.

When it’s a passion,
it’s a lifestyle.

And being a teacher for the deaf
will be my lifestyle.


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