My Journey in a Nutshell


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From the time of birth, to the first day of school,
There was no such thing as “loser” or “cool.”
Everyone laughed, everyone played,
But the time for fun would soon fade away.

From Elementary, to Junior High School,
I saw the dark side of kids so cruel.
They spit nasty words, and hissed evil things,
So from that point on it was time for a change.

From the end of Junior High, to the start of freshman year,
I didn’t know my place, why am I here?
I was lost and alone, a place to fit in I longed,
Until I found Speech, where I knew I belonged.

From my first tournament, up to my last,
The memories made, but now it’s the past.
Now its time to prepare for my life to begin,
I’m out of high school, but the real world I’m in.

From the time of birth, up until now,
It’s been a long journey, but I ask myself “how?”
How has journey been so short yet so long?
Don’t dwell on the past it’s time to move on.

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