My journey

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 00:11 -- EML9061

Coming here I felt ashamed being hispanic

I felt embrace speaking my native language

I try to hide my difference to the world

I’m from a world of broken dreams of false promises

I'm not the typical girl from the city

Nor am I a criminal latin cat

My head is in the clouds

Dreaming dreams that I can’t accomplish.

I get lost in the stories of my ancestors

In the land of the Incas were

Whisper secret of Inca empire is spoken

In my blood I am a mix of cultures

And were my sangre guerrera runs firm threw my veins.

Part of my mom I am peruvian and ¼ chinese

Part of my father I am peruvian and ½ italian

I am a mix of races

Una raza mezclada

I have blood latina were my melodia nortena runs through my veins.

And the rhythm of my marinere goes through my soul.

I hear the notes del cajon en mano and acompañado de la guitarra.

The melodies of the lyrics reminds me of my spanish heritage.

I’m proud to say -Yo soy peruana

I am beginning to appreciate that

I am una hermosa mezcla

I am beginning to see that this world have different mix of people, ideas, stories, music but the same time all equal.

Turn your eyes this way with your head held high,

Who I am and who will I be is not set on stone

Yo soy orgullosa de ser nacido en esta tierra del sol.

I am proud to be born in this land of the sun.

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My community
My country


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