My Internal War

Colorful Charleena am I

Woman warrior of the Yaqui and Apache tribes

Known for their fierceness and formidable ways!

I have come long and far since the start of my journey 7 years ago.

I have spent years destroying and hiding the trails of my past

Brought down by my learning disability, my bright colors fading into blackness.

It has tortured, and beaten me, leaving me to cry and wallow in the darkness

Until one day I gained control, grabbing the reins on my life

Choosing to fiercely fight and flee no more!

I have proven who the real cheif is and who is here to stay!

Conquard have I the darkenss in my journey

Leading to a conquest of high academics

Exploiting the brightness and wonder of my thoughts and soul

For my name is Colorful Charleena!

The future holds many more hardships and trials, to break and bend my hold

Collegiate success shall be mine.

Like my ancestors before me,

I will not back down,

I will not admit defeat,

And I will not quiver!

So do your best, but be prepared to lose!  

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