My Inspiration

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 16:39 -- ecimase

What, you say, is my inspiration?

Well, that is a tough one

So many things have helped

To influence the person I am now

So, am I to choose just one?

What an impossible choice

Of the many events in my life

Or the many people there

Maybe, it could be her

My mother, though not the best

Was excellent in her own way

The effort she put into preparing

An excellent meal each day

Normal or holidays

And how much she thought

Of what I wanted, needed

And what I didn’t

I dearly appreciate her

And how she raised me

While I may seem ungrateful,

I am more than you think

She, along with others

My brothers, father, sisters

A sister in law does count

My teachers, my pets

There is little I can do

To tell how I feel

Of to describe the effect

That others have had

On this, on me

On my very own being

This connection, I know

Is difficult to explain

Yet, I find everyone

Loved, hated, or ignored

To be my inspiration



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