My Inspiration

Deep in sorrow she pulled me up from the ground were the tears started to wallow.  She inspired me to be my best at what I choose to do. She's an old spirt but a young soul. She's kind, caring, loving, and most of all crazy in every way. Not afaird to speak her mind she enjoys the long ride she calls life. She's an inspiration to many.
 She's inspiring and so convincing that she can make me believe that the long cracked road I walk on is different from the road of gold pavement she walks on, but one day they will be the same!  She teaches me how I can repair that road, inspiring me each day that life does get better. She's a hero, a teacher,  a sister,  a mother,  my grandmother! With out her my long cracked road would never be repaired. It would never look like the shinny beautiful gold pavement she walked on. The sorrow would continue. My success would be lost in a dark cloud of emptiness. My world would fall. She's my inspiration, without her I would be just the stuffing to a teddy bear that could have been a best friend, or a best seller!  She's my inspiration the reason why I survive and thrive to be great.

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My family
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