My Inner Demon

The ground creaked with each hesitant step  took,

Darknes envelopd my body whole as I walked into the abyssal room.

Suddenly,a startling, cold breeze blew pastm

I wrapped my arms all around myself to possibly induce some warmth.

Squinting, I slowly turned to see th unknown sudden presence.

There, sitting in the corner, with a dim light surrounding it,was a dark figure hunched over.

It rocked back and forth whisperng and chatn incoherent words,

Lips sagging at the edges, anger etched into the small creases of its mouth.

Long dark streks of air hides its face,

A pair of cadaverous eyes stare almost right through me:;

Indefinite, dark, and void of emotion.

In a sudden flash, the myserious creature gets up and runs towards me.

My feet have seemed to become glued to the wooden floor.

I tightly close my eyes and stand there waiting for the worst to come

When I had suddenly felt no form of pain, I knew to open up again.

There was no one in front of me,

No dark figure in the corner.

A cold  breath had made my neck tingle,

Sharp fingers dragged along its trail.

And a voice behind me whispered


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I LOVE THIS POEM!!!!!! Gave a very creepy setting and i love the ending when the thing says run. SOOO CREEPY BUT COOL!!!!!!!!

Victoria B.

I love this poem. It was like reading a story by Edgar Allan Poe that leaves chills running down your spine. It is creepy but has so many deeper meanings you can draw from this piece of poetry. I admire an artist (Yes I consider poetry an art) that can pull his reader in, but yet leave them with a sense of unfinished business. So the more you read over a poem like this the more conclusions and the more things you began to discover that could mean something, but also mean something else and can mean something now, but mean something later when your mood changes and your perception changes as well as the view of the world around you. 

I admire this poem because even though it seems creepy on the cover and sort of like a poem that I would greatly dislike or disaprove of, as I began to read deeper I could discover things that made the poem feel more like mine. 

I could come to conclusions like maybe the dark figure in the room could have been the sins of the person, or even the brighter things in life though it seems so dark. It could also be a problem that someone is facing in life. To often we hear whispers in our ear telling us to run from these things, but find ourselves at a dead end because we ran from these things. 

I also like that you left the ending open. So whether the person runs or whether the person decides to push aside that voice and become stronger as a preson is entirely up to the reader. 




Thank you so much! This piece was actually a horror poem that I entered into my school's annual Halloween Literary Magazine contest and won! I also thought that it could be made into your own poem for your fears and regrets. Thanks so much for the comment!

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