My Imperfections


United States
45° 24' 29.2752" N, 122° 48' 12.186" W

My imperfections are the
greatest things in the world.
How I never get the floor completely clean,
Insult my bratty little sister,
Get angry at my faulty computer;
which never helps.

I am overjoyed to love
my big, webbed hands
the zits that pop out one by one,
my frizzy hair in rain,
trimmed nails and dry lips.

I like forgetful minds;
I should get straight A's,
get along with my sister,
do more housework,
and learn to swim.

In stead I'd rather kill time
listening to cheesy songs
and dancing the way I want to.
Or create something new
and watch old cartoons.
To fill my memory with moments;
I will remember forever.

Perfectionists are fools
and only have one
goal; like a robot.
I only seek mistakes
in my life to
learn from them.
I love my imperfections
and not the
fictional character
of myself.

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