My Howl

Sat, 02/07/2015 - 00:41 -- socal18

I saw the most promising minds of my generation

Devoured by those who knew nothing.

Oppressed under the pressure of those above us,

Oppressed not in body but in mind 

I can almost hear the “Clang!” as the locks shuts their minds closed.

Who menacingly roared, “You will never make it!”

Crumble after the realization,

They who are runner-up to “perfect”,

Whose tears of frustration and screams of aggravation explode 

When they receive an 80% on their work evaluations having exemplary work, 

But simply lacking to speak the language of the white.

Would never have the possibility of being submerged in


That only the few

Lucky ones seem to get.


We are minionized to think we are unstoppable,

Created to be the “best”,

They kill our creativity.

Shoot down our courageousness

And expect us to keep shining.

Trained by apathetic instructors 

Who had us dress in black and white, kill all emotion with the outside world, 

And burn and destroy everything we once loved

To surpass the generation of zombie idiots before us 

Where we have traded in their couch potato disease

For an addiction to our smart phones thinking it would make us superior.

But little do they coach us to open our eyes

Open our eyes to our country,

Our country who deports those who helped raise this nation.

A country created by the poor and run by the rich 

Who paint an unmistakeable snapshot that they will never be exceeded.

Where the rich are draped in silk and 

The poor stand there naked with skin rubbed rough

By the scathing looks of those fortunate ones.

Pondering where their next meal would be scavenged, 

Not giving a fuck about what is dispelled upon their bodies 

Or any of the clothing brands that have become ubiquitous.

Where immigrants are no longer pursued,

But hunted with each breathe that has been exhaled or mouse step taken.

Where people are thrown away to be chewed up by consumer mentality.

Like last season’s Steve Madden shoes.

Where goals become dreams that never come true

And houses hold that empty high school diploma frame. 

Where missiles and bombs urge peace.

They whisper “The death of millions solves no dispute.”


We live in a world ruined by hate.

A world where obesity is an issue and yet 

While they indulge their faces with the savory, mouth watering, sensation 

of a mass produced, undercooked piece of cow.

There's babies out with flies on their dirt powdered faces and toxic water in their bottles,

who are dying of starvation 

Without the minor possibility of at least having crumbs for dinner.

Where obesity is the question 

And yet sesame buns with a juicy patty in the center goes for a buck

While lettuce sprinkled with tomatoes goes for the deed to your mansion.


We live in the world where you sell your soul to the devil

And give up your angel wings and halo

Along with your eyes and trade heart for a machine.

Innocence is lost,

Hope has vanished,

And materialistic “needs” is what Lucifer zealously advertises.

Where the Satan’s biggest crime was convincing women

They look better with their maybelline faces.

Where the slightest bling of a new phone, 

Seduces our eyes just as much as a “covergirl” does,

Because we are controlled by the whores of technology not by our interests.

In this society where the light bearer’s gender matters

Objects, phones, cars, and women 

Are all possessions you can buy with a swipe of a mastercard.

Where kids become vulnerable to the obscenity and violence

Shown in Compton emulated streets where red and blue patrol their territory 

And where prostitutes, drive-by’s, and drug usage become conventional.

Where mistakes become habits.


Sometimes its better to stand in the rain 

Instead of looking for shelter.

Fuck society! Live like a monarch! 

With no worries or conundrums 

Because little do we recognize that society is our only problem.

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