My Hero

I am the middle child and still you know

how to slide into my shoes.

You feel the anger I feel when I’m all alone

because for ten years that’s all you’ve ever


Cycle after cycle, year after year

The same beatdown and need to disappear.

You feel the distrust and fear that our parents

built up.

Walking out when they had enough

because “child” wasn’t sincere it was the cruel term

keeping us imprisoned for 21 years.

Instead of being a daughter

I was a paycheck. A debt.

Something my parent regret.

But you are my savior and constant light

Telling me to stick up in the fight

Because at the end of the night

She’ll listen when I call.

Telling me war stories of it all

The constant transfer from base to base

With mom saying, “This is the place.”

Then pick up and go to another state.

N.Carolina I will always feel a little hate

Cause watching my mom leave from the window

I could barely reach

Made me feel like something left aside on the street

And that was just the year 2003

But as the years rolled by and more crap

entered and left our lives

We grew.

Up and away from the hate looking always

to the future

Our heavenly gate.

To the world you may just be another soul

But to me you’re the person who always





Beautiful poem! I love how you bring the reader through a story so tragic yet so hopeful. Keep praying and keep God close for He will help you and your love ones along the journey up. God bless and keep writing on my friend:)!!!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet


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