My Heartless Worship


United States
40° 13' 20.7624" N, 74° 44' 54.0132" W

Went before the judge and left
with the guilty verdict of worshiping
with moist lips but a chap heart.

The melodic’s, harmonics or whatever other
Musical, theatrical vocabulary, sounded
Great. It was music to my ear’s
But without my heart attached to
The lyrics, it seemed that all I
Was producing was noise.

I imagine God with his fingers in
His ears because my tone deaf, heartless worship
Was drowning out the sweet lullaby of my heart.

Realizing this, I guessed, it was best
To stay quiet and allow my heart
To do all the talking. But, I fear
Sometimes that this off time I’ve had
With God has even caused my heart
To be speechless.

So here I stand, again, in front of a
Congregation responding to my
heartless worship.

How God allows such things, I’ll never know
But perhaps it’s that they are
Just as dry as I and will dance
At even the impression of water.


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