"In My Head" and its companion "Fundamentally Broken"

In My Head

There's a girl in my head, and she is crying
Looking at her makes me feel like I'm dying

But I have to remember that she is just a kid
She needs a little help just like I did

So I help her up, and I wipe away the tears
I wonder if we have the same fears

But of course we do, how could we not?
The things we have in common are a lot

In fact I'd go as far as to say
She could be me from a younger day

After all this is my own head
Perhaps I have created a manifestation of dread

Someone who reflects myself back at me
Someone who shows me what I used to be

Perhaps this is who I am or who I will be
Or maybe it is simply the broken part of me


Fundamentally Broken

We are all of us broken
And fundamentally so
From the moment we are born to the minute we are laid low

Perpetually imperfect yet seeking perfection
Constantly picking fights yet wanting a connection

There's no way to fix what's always been broken
Especially if words and feelings go unspoken

But how do we voice something when we have no words
When the issue is complex
When the lines are blurred

So the world is broken, and all the people are too
And I'd run if I were you, but I'm not you

You, you're different
Don't get me wrong
I'm sure you're just as broken as the rest of us
But you have the power to discuss

You can try to understand
You can make a stand

You can try to make the lines a little more clear
You can bridge the gaps in all the new cracks that appeared
When we tried to fix what's always been broken
You can try again
Speak what's never been spoken

This poem is about: 
Our world


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