In My Head

Sun, 04/14/2024 - 23:10 -- Andreee

I’m laying on my bed

I’m thinking about them

Thinking how-


I gotta get them outta my head!


They’re always in my head

But I want to hold them in my arms

I wanna kiss them

I wish I could hold their hand


I’m sitting by the window

Staring at the stars

That cower in the light


I hide from my ex 

Cause she hates me now

She can’t even look me in the eyes

Part of me dies when I think

Could I have tried to ease the pain?


Oh, That's the past

I keep tellin’ myself

“You gotta live in the present”

Cause, oh do you see that,

That guy over there?


Yeah, I love em’

Nothin’ gonna change that

Because they hold my heart

They could break it in a second


I’m laying on my bed 

Staring at the ceiling

Ooh look at where I got myself


Ha, I’m livin’ in the present

I’m laughing in the rain

I’m thinkin’ bout them


They’re always in my head

But I want to hold them in my arms

I wanna kiss them

I want to hold their hand


But we’re so far apart

And I wanna take you so far away,

And kiss you under the moonlight,


I can’t believe

I was thinking I’d be a better 

A better boyfriend 

And they tell me I am


I don’t stab them in the back

I don’t call them names

I never try to hurt them

And I’m sorry when I do



I’m laying in my bed

Tryna get you outta my head

But I’d rather hold you in my arms



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