My happy things

Sprinkles and Carnivals, puppies and kittens,

Vanilla Icecream and wintertime mittens.

Rainy days where I stay safe inside,

Walking the beach and hearing the tide.


Doctor Who and Sherlock, and Criminal Minds

Freshly dried towels and people so kind.

Halloween and Christmas and birthdays too,

Warm chocolate brownies all filled with goo.


Pasta and Netflix and comforting hugs,

Hot chocolate and cream in ceramic mugs.

School and Breakfast and facts that are random,

Odd animal couples and people with fandoms.


Nerds and geeks and cosplayers too,

These are some things just to name a few,

of the long list of quirks and random obsessions

all of which I possess, there is no need to question.


This is is a list of things I adore

A few of my happy things, but of course there is more.

Fruit snacks and coloring and singing aloud,

Planning my future, my head in the clouds.


Science-y geeks are my kind of guys,

Making costume and things for disguise.

Pop up books and stories of kings,

Yes, these are some of my favorite things.




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