My Happiness Through The Storm

Tue, 10/11/2016 - 15:50 -- sjrich

My happiness through the storm is like a baby that is born

Held in the arms of it's mothers, my happiness is there when I suffer

Throught the days of the struggle, at time when my knees may buckle

From the pressure of carry the weight, Doing all I can to take,

Making ways for the life that I strive to live, Taking notes and tips

Like a waitress during a busy evening shift, The memories of past 

Victories enlightens me, brigthening the mental blue sky with

Sunlight so I can fight the battles that are difficult to win, I remember

The days of walking on one leg with the other surgically repaired,

Wondering will I ever be the same to maintain or will I have to change 

Then adapt to obtain my goals in life, Pushing past the limits while

Discovering different gimmicks, Fighting through the traditions that

Are enstill edin me as a young boy, Learning to love while the hatred in my

Heart was being destroyed, I felt the military in my brain deployed troops

As they kicked down doors with their steel toe boots into my heart, Both

Fronts shoot like fourth of july fireworks, Each side suffered heavy

Causlities, Rallies of victory crowded the vagal nerve street like New York

When America help gives opposing superpowers their defeat in WWII,

The end results brought more happiness than a check for a million dollars

Could ever promise me, that's the part of the Happiness through the storm,

Not the worst weather could keep the bright sky behind it's dark clouds,

Nor the opposition of the genocidal feelings can win against positive

Mentality that builds the best military, That is the happiness that sit in my

Arms when life become an unpredictable storm

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