For my grandma

(This was written for my grandmother Bonnie who passed away from colon cancer)

My Bonnie lies over the ocean

My Bonnie lies over the sea


She set sail only a couple of days ago

but sadly it was a one way voyage, and I already miss her terribly


But I will always remember her face


Every wrinkle as if they formed sentences that made up the story of her life.

How they were layered under her eyes, and very few under her lips

because she always had a reason to smile and rarely frowned.


Ill remember her eyes, how they saw the world through a different perspective and found an understanding that can only come in time.


Ill remember how her hands were the biggest contradiction because they were so firm when there was a lesson to be learned, yet the most comforting when anyone needed help.


Ill remember her voice, How it kept you on the right path but, if you were lost it was the one that brought you back home. 


And I will cherish every lesson she taught me



My face already has too many wrinkles under my lips


because my eyes don’t yet understand what they see


because my hands are still learning what they're suppose to do


because my voice hasn't made a difference yet..


and yes this is the last goodbye but know that I am counting the days until the Final Hello


and yes these tears are of full of sorrow


but know that my heart beats of rejoice


because today


my family is more united then ever


because today


we learned the true meaning of happiness


because today


my grandma set foot on the shores of paradise where she was greeted by a man the same way she greeted everyone else “welcome my child, come in, whats mine is yours”


and yes my Bonnie lies over the ocean


and yes my Bonnie lies over the sea


but that’s where she'll stay.. waiting for me,... waiting for come home once more.


I love you Grandma, and I'm on my way







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