For My Grandfather

A war veteran.
You flew for your beliefs.
You suffered the pain
With no chance for relief.
A husband.
Your “Florrie” was your life.
Nearly 65 years
You called her your wife.
A father.
Giving advice and love
To your children you were dear
With few flaws to speak of,
You helped raise them year to year.
A grandfather.
Later than most
On my cousin and I
You and Grandma loved to dote.
This is how I know you
This is how I remember
In the den eating candy;
In the bathroom for a smoke.
87 years
You lived a full life
You traveled, learned, laughed, and loved
Pulling through every minor strife.
And now you are gone
In your sleep you were claimed
We cherish the memories
And try to move on.


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