My Glory Days

Sat, 09/28/2013 - 23:47 -- skenchi



What a distinct time in America

Here’s a story I gotta tell ya


I finally received the right to vote

I was happier than a kid on a boat


Fred, my husband, learned the fox trot

Boy we were the ones to make ballroom dancing hot!


He went away for World War I

And little Thomas and I worked ‘til we saw the sun


Sinclair sure did change the meat industry

When I read “The Jungle” I wanted to jump out of my seat!


Ford’s first car sold for nine hundred fifty  dollars; whatta steal

Men were so excited I bet they’d kiss a wheel


Willis Carrier helped us experience air conditioning

Now people didn’t have to sweat or sit glistening


We created the canal after helping Panama become independent

And the travel was one of the several benefits


Sale and consumption of Alcohol became against the law

Which encouraged men to create their own bar


Speakeasies were everywhere and crime rate increased

At times it wasn’t safe walking in the streets


This time in America I will never forget

You can’t predict what this country will do next!




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