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Sat, 06/18/2016 - 02:11 -- Arhern

Lucy -

My love, what a rough day I've had

Take me into your arms and hold me tight

Don’t let me go till the morning light

Peeks through the shades and you let me rest

I’ll curl into you, I’ll give you my worst and my best

I’ll cry with you

I’ll let you make me feel

Pain, Lust, Love, Wonder,

Whatever you want, I’m yours forever


Of how I've missed you so

I promised myself I’d only come to you once a week

But I had to just have you again, your touch I seek

You're my little bit of naughtiness

But I fear my love for you is obvious

Dance with me

Make me feel

Free, Alive, In love

With everything around me


My white whore I'm forbidden to see

I run to you again needing to feel something more

I'm addicted to the anger that makes me Roar

I miss the anger and the coolness of emotions

The energy that flows through me in one big motion

I can't see you anymore, they all know about you

But just one more time?

Let me feel


Please…. Make me feel nothing.


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