My Girl

My girl had sparkly blue eyes

And told the most fantastic lies.

I sat, looking into her chest

As she put me through another one of her

Twisted tests. 

She had me addicted 

To her peppermint tongue,

Speaking words that made me come undone.


I vividly paint her deep brown curls.

I never even knew I loved girls.

Or maybe just her, because of her spirit.

She grabbed my heart, and I let her steal it.

She blows smoke into my face

And I feel comfortably out of place.

She smells like cigarettes and candy. 

Her lips tasted just like brandy. 


My girl was a mess, not the beautiful kind.

She was bitter and played tricks on the mind.

Intentionally wrecking anyone in her path

Like a game, and how do you explain that?

But she taught me how to think

And I lost her the second I blinked.


She disappeared like a bird

And I cried for days for her.

This insane lady gave me more love

Than I could ever want.

But she also turned my days black,

How do you explain that?

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