My Generation


What happened to back in the day,

when the grown men would teach the younger ones to behave.

But now we look around,

and men of all ages and races have their pants to the ground.

But thats my generation.


Their use to be a time where having sex was for grown people,

but now not only are they having babies,

so are their kids.

Never thought my cousin would be a grandma in her twenties.

But thats my generation.


Their use to be a time where smoking ads were directed twards grown people.

But now, Now their are teenagers out here smoking and dipping and smoking weed,

doing crack in he back of apartment complexes,  and selling it to the neighboorhood kids,

Them being young and maluable not understanding the concequences.

But thats my generation.


Seeing a girl walking around in shorts way to tight,

with a baby on their hip and one on the way.

Dont know who the dad is, and shes only fifteen.

But thats my generation.


Teachers see the problem,

quick to point it out.

But when they are asked to solve it,

they cant figure it out.

But thats my generation.










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