My Gender Is Not A Disorder


My gender is unselected

this everchanging ever growing fast paced life is one that is mine,

and always will be

Too proud to feel ashamed of something so beautiful,

I keep my femininity in my heart and masculinity in my palms

Hiding myself like a concealed dagger 

I am so sharp,

and dangerous.

I wear a badge of honor for each and every downfall others see in my grand scheme of what i take to be,


There are always those who tell me that  two and two do make four but my gender does not apply to math 

I am not a cause and effect situation 

I am an infinite flow of what makes my hands and feet feel warmest at night

hand in hand my sheets reflect their smooth cotton into my skin that makes me glow each day like a raw vibrant skyline

unconsumed by the desire to choose I am free to belive that my body is a product of the unlimited power of soil and airpressure 

still holding the so called unatainable control of beauty in skin I burn to the touch heated so passionately by the desire to challenge what it is that bothers the world about blurred expressions

and if ignorance keeps society at ease with a binaric structure why have I never been happier to not fit in



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