To My Future Son

Mon, 03/25/2019 - 19:42 -- 5704532

To my future son,

Bringing you here is a challenge you see, not physically or financially but mentally.

This should not be a part of my worries but you know it’s racism and police brutality.

The way you look, the way you walk, hell even if you hold your phone it’s a problem to those
like Stephon Clark and Desmond Marrow, to those who follow you and judge you off your skin tone.

Even in your neighborhood walking at night with your hood up you’re suspected to be a thug cause you’re all alone approaching the place you call home,

Like Trayvon Martin.

I’m afraid to let you play in the park with your toy guns cause they might just call the men with the real ones. To me you’re my young son. but to them you’re a grown man so now you’re a danger to everyone

Like Tamir Rice.

They shoot and they shoot without asking questions. I pray to the almighty father they don’t take my baby to heaven.
And I pray to God you don’t fit that description. Cause once they see a black man as tall as 60 inches. they automatically assume you’re the man they’re looking for. No more asking questions, just shoot him through his car door,

Like Philandro Castile.

Yet They don’t think twice about it instead they shoot 12 times about it.

Twice in the head, now they left you for dead. In the street for 4 hours, and that’s how you bled

Like Mike Brown.
As your mother those are my worries. Watching the news and seeing new black faces everyday, Ill be praying just hoping you won’t be the next life they take away.

I want you to come home and I want you to be a kid. But instead you have to be cautious and watch how you live. Every day will be a challenge, not just for me but for you.
To my future son, I hope that you know when I bring you into this world it’s not due to failed birth control. I want you to live your life and of course do as you’re told. But there will be some people that’ll try to take away your soul.



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