My Future Awaits (told from the perspective of an Irish Immigrant)

I am tired, I am hungry, and I am weak

I have looked high and low, but nothing have i seeked

Every day many drop one by one

All continue to drop for more months to come

Why must we starve huh? Why must we suffer?

Why do our lives only seem to get tougher?

I want to go now I cann not stay be

I want to leave and live in that new world across this sea

I hear they call it amerika you no?

But, how will I get there though

Anyway, I do not think it materrs

Even if the journey is a teeter and totter

I wil say goodbye to motherland Ireland I once forever knew

Because right now I have a journey to attend too

One day I will go and I wil not stay be

I must go now; lad, Lady Liberty is waiting for me

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Our world
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