my future

my future is dark but aslo bright i know it sound complex haveing two things that do not match like the wind lighting up a wooden match i say this beacuse i am young talented and black and now of these people just put on a mask and hide behind a mask i know you are thinking what is the young kid saying he sounds retarted or mis leading he needs to get on his knees and find jesus see here i know its hard to understand coming from a mouth of young and once blinded young black men. see i was taught in many ways to make it in life either by cracking a book or breaking life down with a knife. either find god or be a thug and in the end fell the force of the almighty rod. but i have always had a way words rhymeing on the corner doing puns a play upon words but still have something you shouldnt have under my shirt its crazy how i kno all this knowelege and methphors but seprating street life from books is like takeing peter pan from captin hook


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