My Freshman Year

Last year, everyone said that high school would be hard,

they said that the workload would increase, 

and its difficulty would catch me off gaurd

I walked in to school on the first day, with a sense of nervousness,

unsure of how to handle the situation,

but then I discovered that was my teachers had said,

was an inaccurate dilation,

high school was filled with challenges, that is true,

but with hard work, its not very hard to cut through,

now that I'm halfway into the year, 

What I've seen of high school is simply a premiere,

It becomes real, when you go into college, and must decide a career,

the first semester was filled with happiness, cheers, and lots of success,

And with my hard work, all of my teachers I was able to impress,

It was a rocky adventure at first, but then everything became clear,

High school is amazing, this is gonna be a great year!


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