My Forever

I've known you for a long time
I was yours and you were mine
Deep in our hearts
Our lips didn't have to part
I had your back and you had mine
I fell and you caught me, time after time
It took us a while to see to whom we truly belong
To see that we made eachother strong
But better late than never
You are my forever
The first time I saw that look in your eyes
Sure enough it caught me by surprise
But it also made me feel safe
My close friend for so long and to be even closer, it has to be fate
The first time your lips were brought so close to mine
It was once but felt like over a million times
So, sweet and passionate, a blind man could see
That I belonged to you and you belonged to me
When two hearts beat as one
That love is hard to become undone
Because I am yours and you are my forever



Great poem! I think it's really sweet.
How long have you been writing for?


I've been writing for like my whole life...I REALY started keeping a book of poems last summer so I guess I would say for a year now. Why? 

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