My Forest Life


My Forest Life

Oh, I cannot live a life without ADVERSITIES.

I need life to be like a forest so my life can be a transcending journey

a song or a novel later on.

In a forest life, I able to untangle branches

Oh what a just makes me feel so alive

To get lost makes me feel the momentum of an external and internal drive.

There is no such thing as a perfect life, so let the problems give me some delight.

Just let hurdles be amplifiers or reflections of my true identity.


Yo soy Mexicana, indocumentada, y femenina (Translation: I am Mexican, undocumented, and female)

Oh, it has been ten years but I still carry my pains that jeopardize my faith, character, and dreams.

Yo soy Mexicana and English has been a struggle

But my broken English echoes my true identity y estoy orugullosa (Translation: And I am proud)

My words carry emotions which give vida (trans. life) to all things, even to 26 letters.

Oh, Eleven years, but I can still smell the sweet pan dulce (Translation: Sweet bread)

I can still imagine the rising dough under the shining oven light.

Such bread frighten my huge appetite.

With my tiny little hands and feet, I would knock door to door to sell Mother’s bread.

Each door was an opportunity to calm my parent’s economic thunders.

Oh, Twelve years, but  still remember being imprisoned for being an immigrant and not a criminal.

I felt rejected but once I returned, I redefined my dreams

so I’ll prove my citizenship as a global citizen.

Yo soy femenina and I have appeared weak

but my cries are just sings of me bending, so I am not breaking.


You see, my problems are no fun memories, but I still cherish them.

Problems are the causes of my strong faith to an invisible, yet existing God.

My  pains seemed once as permanent scars to me, but when I voice them,

My words become part of me and of others.

I do not perform  miracles but my adversities make me be like the doctor for those living my past nightmares.


Oh, such harsh events are time signatures, even turning points.

When one door shuts, one door opens, I have learned.

Even when there is a small crack or window, I know that there is hope.

In a forest life, I have learned how to map my surrounding.

If I get lost, I know that I can always climb a tree to see beyond the limiting ground can allow.

If I get tired, I know that Mother nature has no resting day so I must prepare for a storm, wind, or rain.


All I need are problems

so I can search for answers

so I can rise from the burdens that society throws upon me.

I want my identity to be my backbone and not my lash of torment. 

You see, I have no control of the good and evil

but I can navigate myself to motion and to find some tranquility.


Once a day passed, I will know I have blossomed and not depressed.

You see, I have become an explorer who can become an artist, musician, and writer

once I have all my worries worn out from all the challenges I have arisen from.

You see, I cannot live without my forest life because then

I will be losing all the things that made me, ME.

I have found purpose, faith, and courage to be a warrior in life.

So now I invite you to embrace your problems as guides for lasting legacies.



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