My Florida

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 20:10 -- SaraW01


Tiny tots laugh and splash as the waves break on sunscreened stomachs.

Reckless teenagers try new tricks on their freshly waxed skim boards.

Old men in Speedo's walk up and down the shoreline.

This, is my Florida.

Seagulls scream as pasty families throw their leftover lunch.

Dogs run and jump to catch flying Frisbees.

Boom boxes and sunbathers dot the white sand.

Sandy butt babies run from manic mothers.

This, is my Florida.

Metal detectors skim the sand looking for buried treasure.

Lifeguards ride four wheelers searching for danger.

Risk takers parasail hundreds of feet in the air.

Wrinkly, tattooed men blister in the heat.

This, is my Florida.

Kids with bright buckets walk with noses to the ground looking for shells.

Warm salt waters harbor honeymooners.

Leathery ladies in floral swim suits, lather tanning lotion on their bronzed bodies.

Saggy Suits ripple in the current.

This, is my Florida.


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