My Flawless Trait


Flawless means perfect, immaculate and pure,

The unblemished traits we hope will endure.

But look down inside, deep within your heart,

Could you really say splendor is your favorite part?


I see the people with egos and attractiveness,

Spoiled with hate and self-serving hubris.

Why, if you’re so faultless, do you hurt the ones who aren’t?

You ruined the pristine effect, and to me it’s apparent.


So, my flawless trait is unwavering loyalty,

To the kids who are bullied just like me.

I stand up for the hurt ones who cry alone,

All over the actions of the bullies unknown.


I remember the anguish and suffering inside,

But I’m flawless now, just not swelled with pride.

I stand up for those who are black, gay or fat,

The ones who are called retarded and poked fun at.


I watch the torment and see tears in their eyes,

Those poor people who want to end their lives.

I put myself in the middle - - Oh, don’t you dare!

What the bullies don’t know is that I used to be there.


I’ve come to the point that I know what matters,

Helping the ones whose lives are in terrible tatters.

I defend the ones who can’t, I’m strong –believe me!

Because once upon a time I overcame being bullied.


No matter my beauty, talent or pride,

My flawless trait comes from deep inside.

I confront the bullies, with confidence and air,

I laugh when they step back and squirm with despair.


The people who are different inspire me,

I protect them to the best of my ability.

My foremost goal is stop it all,

So I intervene and answer my Call.


I’m just one person, but that’s how it starts.

If I stand up, then you will take part.

Before we know it, the whole world with defend,

The ones who are broken and want to mend.


Flawless is a word to be used with discretion,

Ultimately what matters is focus and direction.

Use your heart to stand up for rights,

Of those who are crippled over their undeserved plights.


Ask me to define flawless, what does it mean?

And I’ll show you people who once were demeaned.

The fat ones, the gay ones, the kids who persevered,

Because I made it a point to say that they were revered.


To me flawless means staying true to your rules,

Of kindness and love - - your heart’s the tool!

Cherish the ones who are different than you,

Then you’ll see they’re flawless, too.


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