My First Crush


My first crush

Was cute and nice

He always asked what I dreamed about at night

I told him i dream of one day being happy with my Prince Charming

My first crush

Made me feel butterflies for the first time

I wanted to be his friend, his lover and so much more

My first crush 

Had me smiling from ear to ear

He made me feel as though I had no fears

My first crush

Meant everything to me

Funny how I knew what love was as a preteen

My first cruch

Became my best friend

Became the only one I told secrets to

I wished that it would never end

My first crush

Was sweet and nice 

Made my heart beat overtime

He was a gentleman 

I cherished his friendship

Soon he became a distant memory

Someone I will never forget


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

cute poem

reminds me about my 1st crush

its one you will never forget

its what it leads to afterwards begins the journey

keep writing


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