To my first...

Fri, 04/22/2022 - 08:47 -- A_pple

3rd grade.

We were best friends,

Playdates 3 times a week,

Soccer tournaments together.


5th grade.

First school dance,

You asked me,

I said yes.


7th grade.

The feelings develop,

I like you, a lot,

I did so too,

We dated.


8th grade.

Full on makeout sessions,

You were my first,

I thought you would be my last.


9th grade.

Summer break,

You joined our family trip,

This time was different,

This was our first.


10th grade.

We’re high school sweethearts,

Prom king and queen,

I have never been happier,

We were perfect.


11th grade.

The whole school knows the rumors,

I confront you,

You cry,

It was my best friend,

It wasn’t only once.


12th grade.

You broke me,

I was perfect,

I was good,

Yet you threw our future away,

I hate you,

Or maybe I still love you,

But now you’re with her,

I’m single.


12th grade.

I found someone new,

This feels like betrayal,

But he’s nice,

He’s smart,

He reminds of you,

Of the part I loved,

But better,

He’s gentle,

He’s loyal,

He’s new,

He changes me,

He takes me on adventures,

He won’t get bored,

He cares about me,

He lets me talk,

And listen.



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