My fingertips


United States
41° 2' 28.0284" N, 73° 32' 30.2784" W

I cannot see anything through the frosted glass,
So I creep up to the window, more silent than the night-time wind,
And open the heavy frame.
Gray paint chips flake onto my chapped fingertips.

I manage to open it just enough to feel the BLOW.
The bitter, frozen air seeping through the barely open window
Instantly attacks me. Chokes me.

I shut it as quickly as I can
And it finally removes its grip around my neck.
But left behind are the marks of its fingertips.

I am upright for a moment more before I collapse.
The weight of my burdens baring down on me,

I fall to my knees.

But even they are too weak,
Too raw from the daily collapsing and crawling
In search for a better life.
So I balance myself on my fingertips.

I hear my baby brother
Stirring in his bed.
The fingertips of the wind are tapping at his window now,
Pleading for another opportunity to enter.

But no. I am too close. I am too fast.
I get to my brother before the bitter call of the night.
I sit beside him
Stroking him,
Caressing him
With my fingertips.


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