My Feet of All Things!

My Feet of all things

Is what spurred his obsession

So find me he must

Or the land falls into depression.


Not my sparkling blue eyes

Or the gold in my hair

But the slender curve of my foot

All night he did stare.


What an odd man I thought

Why does he stare so

At the blue of my glass slipper

As though it were a beau.


He so creeped me out

I hurried to take my flight

At the stroke of midnight

I rushed out of his sight.


In my haste to flee

my feet did stumble

and off came the slipper

but slow down I did not dawdle


the very next morning

the prince did go knocking

on everyone’s door

with the slipper and a ring.


I sent out my sisters

You go first I said

I have such a cold

I’ll stay in bed instead.


O what big feet they had

The slipper did not fit

Into my room, the prince came marching

He just would not quit.


He saw not my hair

Nor the blue of my eyes

He stared right at my feet

I showed no surprise.


Now marry him I must

My father did yell

my feet of all things

What a story to tell.



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