My Fearless Children

Fri, 08/30/2013 - 20:09 -- rhona2


When I become a mom I’m going to praise all my child’s perfections because society is going to spend a lifetime criticizing them.
I am going to remind them of their intelligence, their independence, their individuality because society is going to try to strip them of it.

My daughter will be well aware of the beauty she possesses. She will never have to go out looking for acceptance or seeking to fit in, because I will make damn sure she knows she’s perfect just the way God made her. My daughter will walk with confidence her head held high her shoulders back because no child of mine will dim their light for the sake of others.

My son, will grow to be a leader of men because I will teach him of his strengths. He will find no need for fists or guns because true strength is found in the mind.
My son will learn to express himself because society will try to convince him that men don’t cry. Don’t shed those tears, Man up! Oh no not my child. My son will learn that emotions and expression are what sets us apart and make us human. Because I damn sure ain’t raising no robots.

My goal is to instill these ideals in them so deep that no one will ever be able to retract them. My children will be fearless, intelligent creations of God. Because they will be my children not the clones of this so called society.


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