My Favorite Story

There's an island between two rivers

where horses pull wagons and people quiver 

where breezes make plant life shiver

where reepers hear a joyful whisper

And the city called Camelot

There are four walls and four towers

surrounded by various flowers

and farmers hear singing for hours

On the island of Shalott.


With bright and happy colors she knits

and on a chair facing a mirror she waits and sits

and upon her is something terrible she must admit

a horrible curse that will make her quit.

On the outskirts of Camelot

All day she looks at the glass

and she see's many people on the road pass

depressed and lonely as she see's grass

On the island of Shalott.


A knight comes in sight

She looks at his sword with all might

she describes his helmet and armour overnight

she heard him singing that night

Near the city called Camelot

SHe watched the sun a little after it set

her mirror cracked signs of a threat

her life in the tower she will soon forget

All due to Sir Lancelot


The weather got bad quickly

she knew going to the city was risky

she layed in the boat guilty

the water took her away swiftly

To the city called Camelot

To the city she cried

singing her last song before she slowly died

washed up to the city in a tide

The lady of Shalott


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